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Billy Bigelow in Carousel at the Glimmerglass Festival

“Audiences despise Billy’s character, but baritone Ryan McKinny’s portrayal, while making no attempt to justify his offenses, reveals the protagonist’s humanity through his confusion and uncertainty. McKinny’s resonant voice, especially effective on “Soliloquy,” gives credibility to his job as the sometimes harsh, sometimes beguiling barker, enticing workers to spend their meager salaries to buy a few minutes of fantasy.”

Syracuse Post-Standard

“His performance of the iconic soliloquy is a towering achievement of control and nuance.”

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“McKinny sang with conviction and conveyed a whole range of conflicting emotions— anger, frustration, anguish, bewilderment, and tenderness. Billy may want to be a better person but can never right the wrongs of his life. One feels great sympathy for him.”

Ithica Times

“With his rugged good looks as well as unanticipated dancing ability, McKinny is a triple threat.”

Syracuse New Times