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Acclaim | | Chicago Classical Review

Dead Man Walking in Chicago

“Ryan McKinny made a knockout Lyric Opera debut as the condemned murderer, Joseph De Rocher. The American singer didn’t set a shackled foot wrong as the embittered, heavily tattooed convict– distrustful of Sister Helen’s motivations, cynical about his imminent execution and refusing to admit his guilt. McKinny is a first-rate actor, wholly inhabiting the...

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Acclaim | | GBOPERA

Amfortas at the Bayreuth Festival

“Ryan McKinny, forte di una fisicità hollywoodiana, ha dato vita ad un Cristo dolente -agnello di Dio- con tanto di corona di spine e sangue di Passione, convincendo sin dalle prima battute per l’accento con cui ha gestito il canto e la forza di una voce eroica piena e ricca di squillo.” Claudia Bilotti, GBOPERA “On est impressionné par la voix...

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Features | | Klassik aktuell

Gespräch mit dem Bassbariton Ryan McKinny

Der 38-jährige US-amerikanische Bassbariton Ryan McKinny im Gespräch mit Franziska Stürz über die Blutwerte von Amfortas in der Bayreuther Parsifal-Produktion, die Kunst, es langsam angehen zu lassen und Freiluftsport als Ausgleich zum...

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Acclaim | | ConcertoNet

Mahler’s Symphony No. 8

“Ryan McKinny’s Pater Ecstaticus was fervent in his “Ewiger Wonnebrand” with a burnished, gravely sound that gave way to a thrilling upper range.” ConcertoNet

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Features | | Houston Public Media

Houston Public Media – Don Giovanni: Lover, Womanizer, And Abuser

Houston Public Media This past weekend, Houston Grand Opera began its run of one of Mozart’s most famous operas, Don Giovanni, with Ryan McKinny portraying the title role. Don Giovanni is the Italian version of the famous hedonistic character Don Juan, well known for his pursuit of multiple women. For McKinny, it’s an interesting role to tackle in an era...

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Acclaim | | Houstonia Magazine

Don Giovanni debut in Houston

“Bass-baritone Ryan McKinny makes his role debut as the title character, and he’s magnetic. We first see Don Giovanni as he’s running out of the bedroom behind Donna Anna, shirt unbuttoned and hair disheveled, and he’s tall, lithe, and dangerously charismatic. When he flashes his rakish smile, it’s lethal, and it certainly doesn’t take much...

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