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COVID-19 Update

I was incredibly sad to learn today that we won’t be able to continue our run of Don Giovanni at the Kennedy Center. I want to thank Washington National Opera General Director Timothy O’Leary and Artistic Director Francesca Zambello for their leadership in this difficult time. I also want to...

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The Black Rose

I should have brought a jacket. It was 9:30am and already 97 degrees outside with Texas swamp-level humidity, but the room I was in was aggressively air-conditioned and I was starting to shiver. The peeling white paint on the vending machine-lined walls and the aging but freshly mopped linoleum...

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Fierce Peace

I thought about the idea of peace a lot as a kid. I remember when someone would ask what I wanted for my birthday, my sarcastic retort was often “world peace.” The implication was, of course, that a world without war or violence was a ridiculous thing to ask for or to expect. Men fight,...

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Common Ground

com·mon ˈkämən/ adjective occurring, found, or done often; prevalent. shared by, coming from, or done by more than one. ground ɡround/ noun the solid surface of the earth. an area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought. I can’t see you when I’m on stage. The lights...

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Mission Statement

I’m sitting on the floor, just offstage. The desert sun is setting spectacularly in the distance. I close my eyes and listen. I listen mostly with my body, not my ears. The sound of the voices and bodies and the drums moving together is overwhelming. Not in the negative sense, but in the true...

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