Symphony swings and sings with Bernstein

"...performances by mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard and bass-baritone Ryan McKinny that were little short of revelatory."

"The only way to sell this stuff is to have singers of utter conviction and dramatic verve. Leonard, who is set to do her own all-Bernstein solo recital next week with San Francisco Performances, and McKinny, who is part of the cast of the upcoming John Adams-Peter Sellars opera “Girls of the Golden West,” lavished each song with a full helping of brilliance."


Two LA Times Reviews in Two Weeks with the LA Phil


"L.A. Phil delivers a dazzling reimagining of 'Nixon in China'"


"L.A. Phil's revelatory pairing of Beckett and Schubert, 'Night and Dreams'"



Reviews in for Ryan McKinny's Figaro at Washington National Opera

“Bass-baritone Ryan McKinny brings charm and virility to the role of Figaro. Seen last season in the dual roles of Donner and Gunther in the epic RING CYCLE at WNO, McKinny here shows off his comic chops and his shining voice as the Count's wily valet. McKinny's "Se vuol ballare" and "Non piu andrai" were just about perfect. His aria in the latter part of the opera, when Figaro is convinced his Susanna has cuckolded him with the Count, "Aprite un po'quegli occhi," was magnificent.”

Jeffrey Walker, Broadway World

“McKinny livens up his manservant with a fair bit of silliness and jumping about and also gives him some leading-man gravitas with his luxuriant bass-baritone.”

Kate Wingfield, Metro Weekly

“Ryan McKinny had the strongest vocal outing as Figaro, matched by the best comic timing.“ Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review

"Ryan McKinny’s Figaro navigates quick thinking in comically compromising situations, duets with his love Susanna, and his rage-filled aria about unfaithful women, his resonant bass-baritone carrying us through Mozart’s timeless work.”

Julia Hurley, DC Metro Theater Arts


The Nordbayerischer Kurier interviews Ryan McKinny (auf Deustch)

Amfortas: "Bin ein positiver Mensch"

Von Wolfgang Karl

BAYREUTH. So hinfällig wirkt er gar nicht, im Gegenteil: Ryan McKinny wirkt im Interview lockler, entspannt und ziemlich fit. Auf der Bühne ist er Amfortas, ein Gralskönig als Schmerzensmann. Im normalen Leben ist er ein "positiver Mensch", sagt er. Ein Amfortas, dem der Gral von Bayreuth Freude gibt.